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“Beginning”, the first album by Jazz singer Alissa Sanders, is a musical exploration of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Samba classics. Genre, language and musical traditions blend to bring the warmth of Brazil to the Great American Songbook and Alissa’s Jazz stylings to some of Brazil’s most beloved songs. The show brings the CD “Beginning” to life with a Brazilian Jazz quartet that includes some of the country’s finest musicians. … Continue readingBeginning

Brazil Nago

“Brazil Nagô”, Alissa Sanders’ newest show, is a soundscape of musical traditions from Africa and its diaspora that together to create a new language through music. With original songs in English, Yoruba and Portuguese, a fusion of percussion from Bahia’s Candomblé and Afro-Brazilian traditions, contemporary African dance beats and Jazz harmonies and arrangements, Brazil Nagô is the sound of global contemporary African consciousness rooted in tradition and ancestry. … Continue readingBrazil Nago


“Playlist” is a concept show that transforms contemporary songs through the language of Jazz and paints them with the colors and cultures of music from around the world. Alissa Sanders spent 2018-2019 traveling between Brazil, the United States, Ethiopia and Israel, learning about music and culture, and collaborating with local musicians. Inspired by her experiences, “Playlist” is a dynamic show featuring collaborations with local musicians to create unique interpretations of modern and classic pop, alternative, international and Jazz songs. … Continue readingPlaylist